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  • adjective
    complete or absolute
    It's a total loss.
    a total eclipse of the sun
    a total stranger
    after everything or everyone is counted
    What was the total amount of the bill?
    the total number of words
    The country has a total population of about 100 million.
    plural -tals
    [count] :the number or amount of everything counted :sum
    The total is 64.
    a total of 25 square miles - see also grand total, subtotalsum total
    -tals; US -taled or Brit -talled; US -taling or Brit -talling
    [+ obj] to produce (a total) when added together
    to add numbers together to find out the total
    US :to damage (something, such as a car) so badly that it is not worth repairing

    * Các từ tương tự:
    totalitarian, totality, totally