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  • adverb
    with everyone or everything included
    He scored highest overall.
    She figured out what it would cost overall. [=altogether]
    as a whole :in general
    He made a few mistakes but did well overall.
    Overall, the project was successful.
    always used before a noun
    including everyone or everything
    your overall score after two rounds
    What is the overall [=totalcost?
    viewed as a whole or in general
    Your overall health is sound.
    She likes the overall quality of the product.
    plural -alls
    overalls [plural] US :a pair of pants with an extra piece attached that covers the chest and has straps that go over the shoulders
    see color picture
    [count] Brit :a loose coat that is worn over clothes so that they do not get dirty :smock
    overalls [plural] Brit :a piece of clothing that is worn over other clothes to protect them