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  • noun
    plural threads
    a long, thin piece of cotton, silk, etc., used for sewing [noncount]
    a spool of thread [count]
    A thread was hanging from the hem of her coat.
    [count] literary :a long, thin line of something - usually + of
    A slender thread of smoke rose up from the chimney.
    [count] :the raised line that winds around a screw
    [singular] :an idea, feeling, etc., that connects the different parts of something (such as a story)
    The stories share a common thread.
    I lost the thread of the plot long before the story ended.
    I found it hard to follow the thread of the conversation.
    [count] computers :a series of related messages that are written on an Internet message board
    threads [plural] US informal + old-fashioned :clothes
    hang by a thread
    xem hang
    pick up the threads
    informal :to begin something again after a long time
    threads; threaded; threading
    [+ obj] :to put a thread, string, rope, etc., through a hole in something
    thread a needle
    thread a pipe with wire = thread a wire through a pipe
    [+ obj] :to put (film or tape) into a movie camera, tape recorder, etc., so that it is ready to be used
    thread film through a camera
    to move forward by turning and going through narrow spaces [+ obj]
    They had to thread their way through the crowd. [no obj]
    [+ obj] :to put (something) on a thread :string
    thread beads

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