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  • noun
    plural strands
    [count] a thin piece of thread, wire, hair, etc.
    a strand of thread
    The police found a single strand of hair at the crime scene.
    something that is long like a string - often + of
    a strand of pearls
    a strand of DNA
    one of the parts of something that is very complicated - often + of
    strands; stranded; stranding
    [+ obj] to leave (a person or animal) in a place without a way of leaving it - usually used as (be) stranded
    to cause (something, such as a boat or a sea animal) to become stuck on land - usually used as (be) stranded
    baseball :to leave (a base runner) on base at the end of an inning
    plural strands
    [count] :the land along the edge of a sea, lake, etc. :a shore or beach
    We walked along the strand. - compare 1strand