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  • adjective
    steeper; -est
    [also more ~; most ~]
    almost straight up and down :rising or falling very sharply
    a steep slope/hillside
    The stairs are very steep.
    going up or down very quickly
    a steep drop/increase in prices
    very high
    The store's prices are too steep for me.
    Their rates are pretty steep.
    pay a steep price
    xem pay
    steeps; steeped; steeping
    to put (something) in a liquid for a period of time [+ obj]
    Steep the tea for three minutes. [no obj]
    steep in
    [phrasal verb]
    steep (someone) in (something) :to make (someone) know and understand a lot about (something)
    used as (be) steeped in to say that there is a lot of something in a place, time, etc.

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