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  • noun
    plural staples
    [count] :a piece of metal or wire in the shape of a U that is used for attaching things: such as
    a short, thin wire that goes through papers and is bent over at the ends to hold the papers together or that goes through a piece of paper, a photograph, etc., to attach it to a surface
    a piece of metal or thick wire that is pushed into a surface to hold or attach something (such as rope or wire) - see also staple gun - compare 3staple
    staples; stapled; stapling
    [+ obj] :to attach (something) with staples
    plural staples
    [count] an important food that is eaten very often
    Rice is the staple of their diet.
    the main product of a country, area, company, etc.
    something that is used widely and often
    Rock music was a staple when I was growing up. - often + of
    His writings are a staple of [=a basic part ofeconomic theory. - compare 1staple
    always used before a noun
    used, needed, or enjoyed constantly by many people
    such staple items as flour and sugar
    That's a staple plot in mystery novels. - see also staple diet
    produced regularly or in large quantities
    staple crops like wheatriceor sugarcane

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