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necessary /ˈnɛsəˌseri/  /Brit ˈnɛsəsri/

  • adjective
    [more ~; most ~] :so important that you must do it or have it :absolutely needed
    Is it really/absolutely necessary for me to have surgery?
    The threat of a thunderstorm made it necessary to cancel the picnic.
    It's not necessary to wear a tie.
    Food is necessary for life.
    We had all the necessary ingredients.
    Apply another coat of paint if necessary. [=if it is needed]
    Take as much time as necessary. [=as much time as you need]
    She took the medicine only when absolutely necessary.
    a medically necessary procedure
    always used before a noun formal :unable to be changed or avoided
    necessary evil
    xem evil
    plural -saries
    necessaries [plural] :things (such as food, a place to live, and clothing) that you must have :necessary things
    the necessary Brit informal :whatever is needed for some purpose
    I'll do the necessary [=do whatever is necessary] to get the job done.