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  • verb
    shuffles; shuffled; shuffling
    to slide your feet along the ground or back and forth without lifting them completely [no obj]
    [+ obj] :to move things or people into a different order or into different positions
    to mix (playing cards) before playing a game so that no one knows what order they are in [+ obj]
    Whose turn is it to shuffle and deal?
    plural shuffles
    [singular] :the act of moving by sliding your feet without lifting them off the ground
    We heard the shuffle of feet outside the door.
    [count] :the act of mixing the order of playing cards :the act of shuffling cards
    He gave the cards a good shuffle and then dealt.
    Whose shuffle is it? [=whose turn is it to shuffle?]
    lost in the shuffle
    US :not noticed or given attention because there are many other people or things to consider or deal with
    With six older kidsthe baby sometimes is/gets lost in the shuffle.

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