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  • noun
    plural hems
    [count] :the edge of a piece of cloth that is folded back and sewn down
    see color picture
    hems; hemmed; hemming
    [+ obj] :to sew down a folded edge of cloth on (something) :to give (something) a hem
    The curtains need to be hemmed. - compare 3hem
    hem in
    [phrasal verb]
    hem (someone or something) in or hem in (someone or something) :to surround (someone or something) very closely or in a way that makes movement or escape difficult - usually used as (be) hemmed in
    hems; hemmed; hemming
    compare 2hem
    hem and haw
    chiefly US informal
    to stop often and change what you are saying during speech because you are not sure of what to say or are trying to avoid saying something
    to take a long time before you make a decision about what to do

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