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  • noun
    plural -rels
    [count] an angry argument or disagreement
    a lover's quarrel = a quarrel between lovers
    They had a quarrel about/over money.
    a quarrel between husband and wife
    She had a quarrel with her mother.
    a reason to disagree with or argue about something - + with
    I have no quarrel with [=I do not object toyour plan.
    It would be foolish to pick a quarrel [=start a quarrel] with him.
    -rels; US -reled or Brit -relled; US -reling or Brit -relling
    [no obj] :to argue about or disagree with something
    The children quarrel all the time.
    I don't want to quarrel with you.
    I won't quarrel [=disagreewith your version of what happened.

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