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  • noun
    plural pools
    [count] swimming pool
    She dove into the pool.
    an indoor pool
    Is it an aboveground pool or an inground pool?
    a small area of water
    tide pools on the beach - see also wading pool
    a small amount of liquid or light that is on a surface - often + of
    They found a pool [=puddleof blood on the floor.
    Her eyes were pools of blue. - compare 3pool
    pools; pooled; pooling
    [no obj] :to form a pool or puddle
    Water pooled on the floor. - compare 4pool
    plural pools
    [count] :the money that is bet by people on an event (such as a sports game)
    He won the weekly football pool.
    [noncount] :a game played on a long table in which players use a long stick and a white ball to hit 15 colored balls into one of six pockets around the table
    a pool table
    [count] :an amount of money that has been collected from many people for some purpose
    They each put $20 into the pool.
    an investment pool
    [count] :a supply of things or people that are available for use
    a pool of jurors
    We dipped into our pool of resources. - see also gene pool, motor pool
    [count] :a group of people who do the same job or activity together
    the secretarial pool - see also car pool - compare 1pool
    pools; pooled; pooling
    [+ obj] :to combine (something) to form a supply which can be used by a group of people
    We can do more when we pool our ideas and resources. - compare 2pool

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