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  • verb
    /ˈpliːd/ pleads; pleaded /ˈpliːdəd/ or pled /ˈplɛd/; pleading
    [no obj] :to ask for something in a serious and emotional way
    [+ obj] :to try to prove (a case) in a court of law
    She couldn't afford a lawyer to plead her case.
    [no obj] :to say in court that you are either guilty or not guilty of a crime :to make a plea
    How do you plead? asked the judge.
    We plead guiltyYour Honor.
    [+ obj] :to give (something) as a reason or excuse for something
    to argue in support of (a cause) [+ obj]
    They went to plead their cause to the governor. [no obj]
    We will plead on your behalf.
    plead the Fifth
    xem fifth

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    pleading, pleadingly