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  • noun
    plural paddles
    [count] a long, usually wooden pole that has a wide, flat part at the end and is used to move and steer a small boat (such as a canoe) - see picture at boat; compare oar
    US :an object with a short handle and a wide, flat part that is used to hit the ball in various games (such as table tennis)
    any one of various tools or devices that are wide, flat, and thin
    The potter used a paddle to shape the clay.
    up the creek without a paddle
    xem creek
    paddles; paddled; paddling
    to move a boat forward through water with a paddle [no obj]
    Get in the boat and I'll paddle you to shore.
    [no obj] :to swim by moving your hands and feet in short quick motions
    [+ obj] US :to beat or hit (someone or something) with a flat piece of wood
    (informalIf you don't get in hereI'm going to paddle your behind. - compare 3paddle
    paddles; paddled; paddling
    [no obj] Brit :to walk or play in shallow water for pleasure
    They took off their sandals and paddled [=(USwadedat the edge of the pond. - compare 2paddle

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