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  • noun
    plural jerks
    [count] informal :a stupid person or a person who is not well-liked or who treats other people badly
    a quick pull or twist
    He felt the jerk of the line as a fish took the bait.
    The door was stuckbut I gave it a jerk [=pulled on it very hard and very quicklyand it opened.
    a sudden sharp movement
    The car started with a jerk.
    jerks; jerked; jerking
    [+ obj] :to push, pull, or twist (something) with a quick movement
    to move (something) with a sharp, quick motion [+ obj]
    b always followed by an adverb, adjective, or preposition :to cause (someone) to move suddenly [+ obj]
    jerk around
    [phrasal verb]
    jerk (someone) around chiefly US informal :to be unfair or dishonest with (someone) :to lie to or cheat (someone)
    jerk off
    [phrasal verb] informal + impolite of a man :masturbate

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