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  • verb
    plucks; plucked; plucking
    [+ obj] :to pull (something) quickly to remove it
    pluck [=picka lemon from the tree
    [+ obj] :to remove some or all of the feathers or hairs from (something)
    always followed by an adverb or preposition [+ obj]
    to take (someone or something) away from a place or situation suddenly or by force
    to select or take (something) usually from a group, container, or place
    to pull and release (a string on a musical instrument) with your fingers in order to make a sound [+ obj]
    pluck a guitar string [no obj]
    pluck on a guitar string
    to play (a guitar, banjo, etc.) by pulling and releasing the strings with your fingers [+ obj]
    pluck at
    [phrasal verb]
    pluck at (something) :to pull part of (something) with your fingers especially more than once
    pluck up (the) courage
    If you pluck up (the) courage to do something, you become brave enough to do it.
    [noncount] old-fashioned + informal :a quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult :courage and determination
    It takes pluck to do what she did.
    She showed pluck in getting up on stage.

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