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  • noun
    plural -nies
    the combination of different musical notes played or sung at the same time to produce a pleasing sound [noncount]
    She taught him to sing in harmony.
    They sang in perfect harmony. [count]
    [singular] :a pleasing combination or arrangement of different things
    a harmony of flavors/colors
    When things are in harmony or when one thing is in harmony with something else, they go together well or they agree with each other very well.
    Every part was moving in perfect harmony.
    The two machines are linked and working in harmony.
    That principle is not in harmony with our ideals.
    When people are in harmony or in harmony with each other, they live together in a peaceful and friendly way.
    She lives in harmony with her neighbors.
    To bring something into harmony with something else is to change it so that it agrees with or matches something else.
    When things are out of harmony or when one thing is out of harmony with something else, they do not agree or combine well.