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  • noun
    plural -ments
    [noncount] the act of agreeing
    She nodded her head in agreement. [=to show that she agreed]
    a situation in which people share the same opinion :a situation in which people agree
    They have been unable to reach agreement about how to achieve reform.
    [count] an arrangement, contract, etc., by which people agree about what is to be done
    I thought we had an agreement.
    a formal/contractual agreement
    Their agreement expires  year.
    He has to return the property under the terms of an agreement he has with the original owner.
    a peace agreement
    a trade agreement
    They have come to an agreement. = They have reached an agreement.
    a written record of such an agreement
    He signed an agreement to buy the property. - see also gentleman's agreement
    [noncount] grammar :the fact or state of being alike in gender, number, case, or person :the fact or state of agreeing grammatically
    The subject and the verb need to be in agreement (with each other).