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  • adjective
    [more ~; most ~]
    smaller than other things of the same kind
    The camera is compact.
    The drill has a compact design.
    a compact car
    using little space and having parts that are close together
    closely or firmly packed or joined together
    compact dirt
    of a person or animal :short but solid and strong
    He is compact and muscular.
    He has a compact body.
    -pacts; -pacted; -pacting
    to press (something) so that it is harder and fills less space [+ obj]
    plural -pacts
    [count] a small flat case containing powder or makeup for a woman's face - see picture at grooming
    US :a small car
    a new line of compacts [=compact cars] - compare subcompact - compare 4compact
    plural -pacts
    [count] formal :an agreement between two or more people or groups
    States created a compact to control milk prices. - compare 3compact

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