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  • adjective
    pressed together so there is very little space between the parts or pieces
    packed snow/dirt/earth
    Add one cup of firmly packed brown sugar.
    filled with a large amount of something
    Oranges are packed full of vitamin C.
    usually + with
    The garage is packed with junk.
    full of people :filled with as many people as possible
    a packed auditorium
    The stadium was packed (fullwith sports fans. = It was packed to capacity/bursting/overflowing.
    b of a crowd of people :large enough to fill a space or place
    used to say that you have finished putting things into bags, boxes, etc.
    We're (all) packed and ready to go. [=we have packed everything we need and are ready to go]
    packed out
    Brit informal :filled with as many people as possible

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