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frost /ˈfrɑːst/  

  • noun
    plural frosts
    [noncount] :a thin layer of ice that forms on the ground, on grass, etc., when the air becomes cold
    The grass was covered with frost.
    light/heavy frost
    Frost formed on the window.
    [count] :the occurrence of weather that is cold enough to cause water to freeze and frost to form
    We had an early/late frost.
    a killing frost [=weather that is so cold that the frost kills plants]
    frosts; frosted; frosting
    [+ obj] :to cover (something) with frost
    [no obj] :to become covered with frost
    [+ obj] chiefly US :to cover (something, such as a cake) with frosting (sense 1)
    I have to frost the birthday cake.
    [+ obj] chiefly US :to make small strips of your hair lighter so the top layer of your hair is lighter than the rest of it

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