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employment /ɪmˈploɪmənt/  

  • noun
    [noncount] the act of employing someone or something: such as
    the act of using something
    We object to the company's employment [=useutilizationof pesticides.
    the act of paying someone to do a job
    laws that have encouraged the employment of women
    work that a person is paid to do
    I've been looking for employment in the machine trade.
    full-time/part-time employment
    She hopes to find employment as a teacher. - often used before another noun
    an employment contract
    my employment history
    the state of being employed :the state of being paid to do a job
    The magazine did well during the course of her employment as editor.
    the number of people who have jobs in a particular place or area
    Employment is at an all-time high in this part of the state.
    jobs that are available for workers
    The city is faced with inadequate housing and a lack of employment.

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