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  • verb
    -guises; -guised; -guising
    [+ obj] to change the usual appearance, sound, taste, etc., of (someone or something) so that people will not recognize that person or thing
    He tried to disguise his voice on the phone but I could tell it was him.
    to hide (something) so that it will not be seen or noticed
    I could not disguise [=hidemy surprise.
    plural -guises
    [count] :clothes or other things that you wear so that people will not recognize you
    He wore a disguise of glassesa fake mustacheand a cap.
    [noncount] :the act of changing your appearance so that people will not recognize you
    The famous thief is known to be a master of disguise.
    a blessing in disguise
    in disguise
    wearing a disguise
    made to look like something else :presented as another thing
    He says that the new fee is really just a tax increase in disguise.