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camouflage /ˈkæməˌflɑːʒ/  

  • noun
    [noncount] a way of hiding something (such as military equipment) by painting it or covering it with leaves or branches to make it harder to see
    The army tanks were painted green and brown for camouflage.
    the green and brown clothing that soldiers and hunters wear to make them harder to see
    Troops in full camouflage. - often used before another noun
    a camouflage jacket
    camouflage pants
    camouflage gear
    something (such as color or shape) that protects an animal from attack by making the animal difficult to see in the area around it [singular]
    The rabbit's white fur acts as a camouflage in the snow. [noncount]
    Rabbits use their white fur as camouflage in the snow.
    behavior that is meant to hide something or convince another of something that is not true [singular]
    His tough attitude served as camouflage.
    -flages; -flaged; -flaging
    [+ obj] :to hide (something) by covering it up or making it harder to see
    It was impossible to camouflage the facts.