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  • noun
    plural cells
    [count] a room in a prison, jail, etc., where prisoners live or are kept
    a prison/jail cell
    a small room that one person (such as a monk or a nun) lives in
    any one of the very small parts that together form all living things
    Her white blood cell count is low.
    the cell walls of plants
    any one of many similar sections that together form a larger structure
    a honeycomb cell
    a container for holding substances that are used for producing electricity by chemical action
    dry cell battery
    a fuel cell
    a device for changing light (such as sunlight) into electricity
    a solar cell
    a small group of people who work together secretly as part of a larger organization or group
    US informal :cell phone
    computers :a space where information can be entered in an organized arrangement of rows and columns :a unit in a table or spreadsheet - see picture at table

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