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  • verb
    blinks; blinked; blinking
    to close and then open your eyes very quickly [no obj]
    [no obj] :to shine with a light that goes on and off
    [no obj] :to show that you are surprised or upset
    Laura didn't (even) blink [=did not seem surprised or upset at allwhen I told her that the car was gone.
    She didn't (even) blink at the news.
    [no obj] :to show weakness in an argument or disagreement :to show that you are willing to agree to or accept what someone else wants or says
    before you can blink
    informal :very quickly
    This may hurt a littlebut it'll be over before you can blink.
    blink back tears
    or blink away tears
    to prevent yourself from crying or to make your tears go away by blinking
    plural blinks
    [count] :the act of closing and then opening your eyes very quickly :the act of blinking
    in the blink of an eye
    very quickly
    He became famousand thenin the blink of an eyehe was forgotten.
    She reappeared in the blink of an eye.
    on the blink
    informal :not working properly
    The TV is on the blink.

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