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  • adjective
    acuter; -est
    [or more ~; most ~]
    very serious or dangerous :requiring serious attention or action
    an acute [=criticalseverefuel shortage
    an acute crisis
    usually used before a noun :having or showing an ability to think clearly and to understand what is not obvious or simple about something
    an acute observer
    an acute sense of humor
    very strong and sensitive :highly developed
    acute [=keenhearing/vision
    acute awareness
    strongly felt or experienced
    very sharp and severe
    acute symptoms
    becoming very severe very quickly
    an acute disease
    A hospital or doctor who specializes in acute care works with patients who have diseases or problems that require immediate care.
    mathematics :ending in a sharp point :measuring less than 90 degrees
    an acute angle - compare obtuse
    of an accent mark :having the form
    The word caf is written with an acute accent over the e. - compare 2grave 3