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  • adjective
    [more ~; most ~]
    involving possible injury, harm, or death :characterized by danger
    Mining is dangerous [=hazardouswork.
    He often drives at dangerous speeds.
    The city can be a dangerous place to live.
    dangerous neighborhoods - often + to
    Smoking is dangerous [=hazardousto your health.
    able or likely to cause injury, pain, harm, etc.
    The storms may cause dangerous flooding.
    He is wanted for assault with a dangerous weapon.
    dangerous animals
    the most dangerous of drugs
    a dangerous enemy
    The police say that the man is armed and dangerous. [=he has a gun and he might try to shoot someone]
    dangerous ground/territory
    a situation in which you may do or say something that will have a bad result, make people angry, etc.
    You know you're treading on dangerous grounddon't you?