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  • noun
    plural winks
    [count] an act of closing and opening one eye very quickly often as a way of giving a secret signal or private message to someone
    Her wink told me she was just kidding.
    I knew you could do ithe said with a wink.
    He told her that he was working latethen gave me a wink. [=winked at me]
    informal :a very short amount of time
    It all disappeared in a wink. [=in an instant]
    She said helloand (asquick as a wink [=instantly], she was gone.
    I didn't get a wink of sleep last night. = I didn't sleep a wink last night. [=I didn't sleep at all last night] - see also forty winks
    tip (someone) the wink
    xem tip
    winks; winked; winking
    to close and open one eye quickly as a signal to someone
    He winked and said that he understood. - often + at; [no obj]
    [no obj] :to close and open your eyes quickly :blink
    [no obj]
    to shine in an unsteady way :twinkle
    to shine with a light that goes on and off :blink
    wink at
    [phrasal verb]
    wink at (someone or something) :to pretend that you have not seen or noticed (something) :ignore
    The city cops wink at the mayor's parking violations. - see also 2wink 1 (above)

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