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  • adjective
    law :having no legal force or effect
    The contract is void.
    This sales offer is void where prohibited by law. - often used in the phrase null and void
    The law was declared null and void.
    formal :not containing anything :empty
    a void space
    void of
    not having (something that is expected or wanted) :completely lacking (something)
    a book void of [=devoid ofinterest
    He is void of charm. [=he has no charm]
    plural voids
    [count] :a large empty space
    After she leftthere was a void in my life.
    When he retiresit will be hard to find someone to fill the void.
    voids; voided; voiding
    [+ obj] law :to make (something) invalid :to say that (something) is no longer in effect