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  • noun
    a very strong feeling of fear [noncount]
    The sound of guns being fired fills me with terror.
    There was a look of (sheer) terror on her face.
    Many civilians fled in terror.
    They lived in terror of being discovered. = They lived in terror that they would be discovered.
    a terror that is still fresh in her memory
    something that causes very strong feelings of fear :something that is terrifying [count]
    tales of terror
    [noncount] :violence that is committed by a person, group, or government in order to frighten people and achieve a political goal
    a regime that rules by terror
    bombings and other acts of terror
    These people have been living with terror and the threat of terror for many years.
    a war on terror [=terrorism]
    a campaign of terror against ethnic minority groups - see also reign of terror
    [count] informal :a child who behaves very badly
    My nephew is a little terror. [=brat]
    hold no terror
    or hold no terrors
    If something holds no terror/terrors for you, you are not afraid of it.
    Death holds no terror for them.

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