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  • adjective
    causing death eventually :leading finally to death
    She was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
    a terminal [=fatalillness/disease
    having an illness that cannot be cured and that will soon lead to death
    a terminal patient
    of or relating to patients who have a terminal illness
    terminal care
    informal :very bad or severe
    I was suffering from terminal boredom.
    at the end :forming or coming at the end of something
    branches that end in a terminal bud
    We're on the terminal [=finalleg of our trip.
    The terminal [=laststop for this line is Boston.
    in terminal decline
    Brit :getting worse without any chance to improve
    The business is in terminal decline.
    plural -nals
    [count] a building where buses or trains regularly stop so that passengers can get on and off :station
    I will meet you outside the bus terminal.
    a building at an airport where people get on and off airplanes
    Flight 1584 is now departing from Gate 6 in Terminal A.
    You are not allowed in the terminal without a ticket.
    a computer or a combination of a keyboard and a video display that is connected to a system and used for entering or receiving data
    a part on a piece of electrical equipment (such as a car battery) where you make an electrical connection