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  • adjective
    always used before a noun
    happening or coming at the end
    the final act of the play
    They won their final four games.
    final exams [=exams at the end of a class or term]
    I'd like to add one final note. [=make one last statement]
    happening as a result :happening at the end of a process
    What was the final score?
    The final product was not what we had expected.
    the final results
    used to say that something will not be changed or done again
    This is my final offer.
    Noyou can't come with usand that's final!
    All sales are final.
    Is that your final answer?
    in the final analysis
    the final straw
    xem straw
    the final word
    xem word
    plural -nals
    [count] :the last competition (such as a game or race) or set of competitions in a series
    He was defeated in the (men's) final.
    usually plural
    a finals [plural] :the examinations that happen at the end of a class, term, or course of study
    [count] US :an examination at the end of a class
    He failed his history final.

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