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  • noun
    plural -els
    [count] a group of people who answer questions, give advice or opinions about something, or take part in a discussion for an audience
    Three of the members on the panel are doctors.
    a group of people with special knowledge, skill, or experience who give advice or make decisions
    c US :a group of people who are chosen to be jurors :jury - called also jury panel
    one of the flat pieces that make up a door, wall, or ceiling
    a piece of cloth that makes up part of something sewn together
    a piece of metal or plastic that forms part of the outside surface of a vehicle
    a flat surface where the controls of a vehicle, machine, etc., are located
    the control panel
    The last number you called is listed on the phone's display panel. - see also instrument panel - see also solar panel
    -els; US -eled or Brit -elled; US -eling or Brit -elling
    [+ obj] :to cover (a wall, ceiling, etc.) with flat pieces of wood, glass, etc.

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