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  • verb
    smacks; smacked; smacking
    [+ obj] to slap or hit (someone or something) hard
    always followed by an adverb or preposition :to set or hit (something) on or against something else so that it makes a loud noise
    US informal :to kiss (someone) loudly
    His aunt likes to smack him on the cheek every time she comes over.
    smack of
    [phrasal verb]
    smack of (something) :to seem to contain or involve (something unpleasant)
    smack your lips
    to close and open your lips noisily especially before or after eating or drinking
    plural smacks
    [count] a hard slap or hit
    He gave the child a smack on the bottom.
    a loud noise that is made when something hits something else in a forceful way
    The dictionary fell to the floor with a smack.
    informal :a loud kiss
    She gave him a smack on the cheek. - compare 3smack 5smack 6smack
    [noncount] :a small, noticeable amount of a particular thing
    a smack [=hinttraceof vanilla flavor
    There's a smack of condescension in the book's tone. - compare 2smack 5smack 6smack
    informal :exactly or directly
    She dropped the book smack in the middle of the table.
    The ball hit me smack in the face.
    [noncount] slang :heroin - compare 2smack 3smack 6smack
    plural smacks
    [count] Brit :a small fishing boat - compare 2smack 3smack 5smack

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