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  • adjective
    grammar :showing or indicating no more than one thing
    In the phrase his car is redthe word car is a singular noun.
    Walks in she walks everyday is a singular verb. - abbrsing.; - compare plural
    a formal :better or greater than what is usual or normal
    the singular [=exceptionalbeauty of the landscape
    Her father noticed her singular [=uniquetalent for music.
    She showed a singular [=noticeableobviouslack of interest.
    b literary :strange or odd
    He had a singular appearance.
    singular customs
    the singular
    a form of a word that is used to refer to one person or thing
    Wolf is the singular and wolves is the plural.
    Mouse is the singular of mice.
    The verb should be in the singular.
    Rewrite the sentence in the singular. [=using singular forms of words]

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