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  • noun
    plural shams
    [count] something that is not what it appears to be and that is meant to trick or deceive people
    He claims that the trial was a sham.
    Their marriage was a sham.
    someone who deceives people by pretending to be a particular kind of person, to have a particular skill, etc.
    Many people believed he could help thembut I knew he was a sham.
    [noncount] :words or actions that are not sincere or honest
    always used before a noun
    not real :false, fake
    sham marriages
    sham pearls
    a sham doctor
    shams; shammed; shamming
    to act in a way that is meant to trick or deceive people [no obj]

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    shaman, shamble, shambles, shambolic, shame, shamefaced, shameful, shameless, shampoo