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  • noun
    plural -ers
    [count] a large natural flow of water that crosses an area of land and goes into an ocean, a lake, etc.
    The raft is too small to use on this part of the river.
    They have a house on the river. [=on land  to the river]
    Large boats came up/down the river. [=in the opposite/same direction that the river is flowing]
    the mouth of the river = the river's mouth = the river mouth [=the place where the river enters the ocean]
    see color picture - compare stream
    a large flow of something
    The jet stream is a river of air.
    I cried a river of tears. [=I cried a lot]
    sell (someone) down the river
    xem sell
    up the river
    US old-fashioned + informal :to prison
    They sent him up the river for 10 years.

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