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  • verb
    peels; peeled; peeling
    [+ obj] :to remove the skin from (a fruit, vegetable, etc.)
    peel an apple
    peel the cucumbers
    always followed by an adverb or preposition [+ obj] :to remove (a covering, shell, etc.) from something
    We had to peel the wallpaper from the wall. - often + off
    [no obj]
    to come off in pieces
    to lose an outer layer of skin, bark, etc.
    keep your eyes peeled
    xem eye
    peel off
    [phrasal verb] informal :to turn and go away from something quickly
    peel out
    [phrasal verb] US informal :to speed away from a place in a car, on a motorcycle, etc.
    plural peels
    [count] :the skin of a fruit
    a banana peel
    an orange peel
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