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  • noun
    plural mugs
    [count] a large drinking cup with a handle
    a beer mug
    the liquid that is contained in a mug
    He drank a mug of coffee.
    slang :the face or mouth of a person
    his ugly mug
    Brit informal :a foolish person who is easily tricked :patsy
    They're taking you for a mug.
    mugs; mugged; mugging
    [+ obj] :to attack and rob (someone)
    [no obj] chiefly US :to act or pose in a silly way or make silly facial expressions especially to attract attention or when being photographed - usually + for
    mug up
    [phrasal verb]
    mug up or mug (something) up or mug up (something) or mug up on (something) Brit informal :to study or try to learn a lot of information quickly for a test, exam, etc.
    He's going to mug up for the exam.

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