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  • noun
    plural oils
    [noncount] a thick, black liquid that comes from the ground and that is used in making various products (such as gasoline)
    a type of oil that is used as a fuel to produce heat or light
    We heat our house with oil.
    heating oil
    an oil lamp
    a type of oil that makes the different parts in an engine, machine, etc., run smoothly
    [count, noncount] :a liquid substance that comes from a plant or animal, that contains fat, and that is used in cooking
    The dressing is made with oil, vinegarand a pinch of herbs. - see also castor oil, coconut oil, cod-liver oil, corn oil, essential oil, linseed oil, olive oil, palm oil
    [count, noncount] :a smooth substance that is used on the skin, hair, or body to make it soft or healthy
    a oils [plural] :oil paints
    He works mostly in oils. [=he mostly uses oil paints]
    [count] :an oil painting
    an oil on canvas
    a/the squeaky wheel gets the oil
    xem wheel
    burn the midnight oil
    xem burn
    oils; oiled; oiling
    [+ obj] :to put oil in or on (something)

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