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throttle /ˈɵrɑːtn̩/  

  • noun
    plural throttles
    [count] technical :a device that controls the flow of fuel to an engine
    When you press a car's acceleratorit opens the throttle, and the car goes faster.
    at full throttle
    as fast as possible
    She drove at full throttle.
    The project is proceeding at full throttle.
    throttles; throttled; throttling
    [+ obj] to choke or strangle (someone)
    I'm so mad I could throttle her!
    US informal :to defeat (someone or something) easily or completely
    to not allow (something) to grow or develop
    throttle back
    [phrasal verb]
    throttle back or throttle back (something) or throttle (something) back :to reduce the amount of fuel flowing to an engine by adjusting the throttle
    You need to throttle back your anger. [=you need to stop being so angry]