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  • noun
    plural hosts
    [count] a person (especially a man) who is entertaining guests socially or as a job
    a person who talks to guests on a television or radio show
    He/she is the host of the talk show.
    a game-show host
    an animal or plant in which another animal or plant lives and gets its food or protection
    a human host - compare parasite 1 - compare 3host
    play host to
    A place or organization that plays host to an event (such as a meeting or convention) provides the things that are needed for that event.
    Each yearthe city plays host to [=hoststhe film festival for one week.
    The mall was playing host to [=hostingan auto show.
    hosts; hosted; hosting
    [+ obj] :to be the host for (a social event, a group of people, etc.)
    He/she is going to host the music awards.
    plural hosts
    [count] :a great amount or number
    a (whole) host of options - compare 1host

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