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  • verb
    hitches; hitched; hitching
    [+ obj] :to attach, fasten, or connect (something) with a hook, knot, etc.
    hitch a trailer to a car
    informal :hitchhike [no obj]
    get hitched
    informal :to get married
    hitch a ride
    or chiefly Brit hitch a lift
    informal :to get a ride in a passing vehicle
    Her car broke downso she had to hitch a ride/lift with a passing truck.
    hitch up
    [phrasal verb]
    hitch (something) up or hitch up (something) :to pull (a piece of clothing) up with a quick movement
    hitch your wagon to (someone or something)
    xem wagon
    plural hitches
    [count] a hidden problem that makes something more complicated or difficult to do
    It sounded like a good planbut there was just one hitch. [=catch]
    The plan went off without a hitch.
    a device that is used to connect one thing (such as a plow or trailer) to another (such as a tractor, car, or animal)
    a trailer hitch
    US informal :a period of service in the military, at a job, etc.
    He went back to college after doing his hitch in the army.
    a type of simple knot that is used to hold or fasten something for a short time

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