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  • noun
    plural -caps
    [count] sometimes offensive :a physical or mental condition that may limit what a person can do :a physical or mental disability
    a mental/physical handicap
    Some people consider the word handicap offensive in this sense and prefer the word disability.
    a problem, situation, or event that makes progress or success difficult
    His shyness was a handicap in his job.
    golf :a number that shows a golfer's level of skill and that is used to allow golfers of different abilities to compete with each other
    She's been practicing a lot and her handicap has gone down from 18 to 12.
    a horse race in which some horses are required to carry more weight so that all the horses in the race will have an equal chance of winning
    -caps; -capped; -capping
    [+ obj] to make success or progress difficult for (someone) - usually used as (be) handicapped
    US :to make a judgment about the likely winner of a race or contest
    handicap the horses in a race = handicap a race
    It's very hard to handicap the election at this point.

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