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  • noun
    plural -ons
    [count] a vehicle with four wheels that is used for carrying heavy loads or passengers and that is usually pulled by animals (such as horses)
    Pioneers crossed the American Midwest in wagons. - see also bandwagonchuck wagon, covered wagon, paddy wagon, patrol wagon
    a small, low vehicle with four wheels that children play with
    US :station wagon
    Brit :a railway car that carries goods
    circle the/your wagons
    chiefly US informal :to gather a group of people together in order to protect them from being attacked - usually used figuratively
    hitch your wagon to
    chiefly US informal :to rely on (someone or something) for success
    The team has hitched its wagon to its star pitcher.
    on/off the wagon
    A person who is on the wagon has stopped drinking alcohol.
    After a year of sobrietyshe fell off the wagon.

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