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  • noun
    plural flaps
    [count] a flat piece of material that is attached to something on one side and that can be easily moved
    the inside flap of a book's cover
    a loose flap of skin
    the movement or sound of something that is moving up and down or back and forth
    the soft flap [=flappingof the flag in the breeze
    the steady flap [=beatof the bird's wings
    a state or situation in which many people are excited or upset
    b chiefly Brit :a state in which someone is very upset
    He got in a flap [=he became upsetover the delays in the schedule.
    a movable part of an airplane wing that can be raised or lowered and that is used to increase lift
    flaps; flapped; flapping
    to move (something) up and down or back and forth [+ obj]

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