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  • noun
    plural tabs
    [count] a small, flat piece on a box, envelope, etc., that can be put into a hole in order to hold two parts together
    a small, flat piece that sticks out from the edge of something (such as a folder) and allows you to identify and find it easily
    c US :a small piece of metal, plastic, etc., that is pulled in order to open or close something
    The tab on the zipper is broken.
    the tab [=(USpull tab, (Britring pullon a can of soda
    US informal :a record of the things (such as drinks at a bar) that a customer has ordered and will pay for later
    He ran up a $200 bar tab.
    The final tab [=billcame to $200.
    He put the drinks on his tab.
    She offered to pick up the tab. [=pay the billfor the meal.
    tab key
    You can move to the  column in a table by pressing tab. [=by pressing the tab key]
    informal :a small pill of an illegal drug
    a tab of Ecstasy
    keep tabs on
    informal :to carefully watch (someone or something) in order to learn what that person or thing is doing
    tabs; tabbed; tabbing
    [+ obj] :to put a small, identifying label (called a tab) on something - often used as (be) tabbed
    [+ obj] US informal :to say that (someone or something) will do something or have a particular role or purpose - often used as (be) tabbed
    [no obj] :to hit the tab key on a computer or typewriter

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