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  • noun
    plural -faults
    [noncount] - used to describe something that happens or is done when nothing else has been done or can be done; usually used in the phrase by default
    No one else wanted the jobso he became the club's president by default.
    the default winner
    a failure to make a payment (such as a payment on a loan) [noncount]
    She's in default on her loan. [=she missed a payment on her loan] [count]
    [noncount] law :failure to appear in court
    The defendant has made no appearance in the case and is in default.
    [count] computers :a setting, option, etc., that a computer uses if you do not choose a different one
    in default of
    formal :in the absence of (something) :without (something)
    In default of evidencethere can be no trial.
    -faults; -faulted; -faulting
    [no obj]
    to fail to do something that legally must be done especially; :to fail to make the payments you must make on a loan, mortgage, etc.
    of a computer :to automatically use a particular setting, option, etc., unless you choose a different one