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decimal /ˈdɛsəməl/  

  • adjective
    mathematics :based on the number
    the decimal system
    a number with three decimal places [=a number with three digits that follow the decimal pointa number like 1.234 or .567]
    In the number 8.901, the 9 is in the first decimal place.
    plural -mals
    [count] mathematics :a number that is written with a dot between the part of the number that is equal to 1 or more and the part of the number that is less than
    The number 67.398 is a decimal. It is equal to the whole number 67 plus the decimal.398.
    Seven-tenths written as a decimal is .7. Seven-tenths written as a fraction is {frac7/10}.
    The decimal.2 is equal to the fraction {frac2/10}. - called also decimal fraction

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