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  • noun
    plural -toms
    an action or way of behaving that is usual and traditional among the people in a particular group or place [count]
    an English/Indian custom
    It is the custom for the bride to wear a white dress on her wedding day. [noncount]
    It's a matter of custom.
    [singular] :something that is done regularly by a person
    She had breakfast in bedas was her custom. [=habit]
    customs [plural]
    taxes or fees that are paid to the government when goods come into or go out of a country - often used before another noun
    the place at an airport, border, etc., where government officers collect customs on goods and look for things that people are trying to bring into a country illegally
    [noncount] Brit formal :the practice of regularly going to the same shop or business to buy things or services
    always used before a noun
    chiefly US
    made to fit the needs or requirements of a particular person
    custom furniture
    custom designs
    custom [=custom-madeclothes
    doing work that fits the needs or requirements of a particular person
    a custom tailor
    a custom furniture shop

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